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С заботой о вашем бизнесе в Украине

Start your business in Ukraine

  • registration of a company or representative office

  • bying / renting a ready-made business in Ukraine

  • comprehensive market entry support

Ukraine is a country with great opportunities for doing and developing a business. However, it should be remembered that the current state of the economy and legislation is far from ideal. This at the same time complicates the promotion of new companies in the market and gives chances to use the situation and show rapid growth.

The excellent geographical location and the signed international agreements gives Ukrainian enterprises the opportunity to sell their products not only in the EU countries, but also in the markets of Asia, Africa and America. offers several ways to start your business in Ukraine.

  • service package “Try” - Trade Agent service or renting a company in Ukraine

  • service package "Do it" - registration of a company or representative office

  • bying a ready-made business in Ukraine

Service package “TRY”

Renting real-made business in Ukraine

  • Representation in Ukraine

  • No Accounting and Office administration problems

  • Comprehensive market entry support

Are you not sure about Ukrainian legislation and the banking system?

We can helps you to start business in Ukraine on the next day, without needing of a company registration, renting an office or opening bank accounts!

How does it works?

We conclude an agreement on the representation of your interests (trade agent or commission agent) between your and our  company. You can immediately start selling your productes or services in Ukraine under your own brand name, using our office and the accounts. At your direction, we can accept orders and send commercial offers.

Minimal risk

If everything worked out, open your own company and continue to work (service package “DO IT”) - customers already know your brand name on Ukrainian market.

If the project does not make a profit, just stop selling. You do not have to worry about closing a company in Ukraine.

Your benefits

  • quick start - start of work the day after signing the contract

  • minimum risks - no need to open a company, provide office operations and bear the costs of liquidation of the company, in case of unsuccessful attempt

  • financial stability - a multicurrency account in a stable Ukrainian bank with Polish investments.

  • your focus on sales - we care about the administration of the company and accounting, solve logistics problems and provide legal support

Service package “DO IT”

Registration of company / representative office

Additional services:

  • Legal support

  • Accounting

  • Staff recruitment

  • Trademark Registration

Have you decided to open a company or representative office in Ukraine?

We will help you:

  • to register a company in Ukraine 

  • to provide professional accounting services

  • to find and rent an office

  • to open a bank account

  • to get a license for various types of activities

  • to draw up documents for temporary and permanent stay in Ukraine

The service package includes:

  • preparation of the Charter and other documents required for registration

  • optimal Tax system selection

  • codes of activities selection

  • legal address for a new company

  • company registration

  • execution and submission of documents to Fiscal administration

  • obtaining licenses and permits (if necessary)

Representative office in Ukraine

The representative office is an authorized representative of a foreign company in Ukraine. The law of Ukraine allows two options for the representation:

  • A representative office with the status of “permanent” can fully engage in business

  • Representation without the status of “permanent” is more limited in business, but at the same time has tax preferences.

The six main advantages that you get when you open a representative office:

  1. Easy to manage - Representation is directly subordinate to a foreign company

  2. The ability to finance hospitality expenses directly through transfers from a foreign company

  3. Advantages and customs privileges when moving property across the border

  4. The ability to legally not pay taxes in the absence of a “permanent” status for the Representative Office

  5. A simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit for employees of the Ukrainian office

  6. No need to obtain permission to employ foreign workers



The services package includes:

  • Consultation on the opening and operation of a representative office

  • Preparation and submission of documents for registration

  • Obtaining a Certificate of Registration

  • Registration with statistics authorities and obtaining a USR code

  • Preparation and submission of documents to the Fiscal Administration

  • Accounting and taxes

  • Office rental

  • Staff recruiting

Partnership with -
easy start for your business in Ukraine