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Taking care of your Business in Ukraine

Translation, Interpretation

  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Apostille, Legalization of documents
Коли до нас звераються?

Do you plan to do business in Ukraine? Do you want to better understand Ukrainian traditions and cultural values? You will need interpretation and translation services.

Of course, letters and documents can be translated by Google Translate service or one can understand them intuitively with a minimum knowledge of the language. However, if you realize that your partner had in mind?


The duties of a translator are not literally translating from language A into language B. This is a multi-level process requiring special training and skills, both linguistic and communicative. Knowledge of special terminology, linguistic culture, ability to build a dialogue and get out of difficult situations – a qualified and experienced specialist has all these skills.

Sometimes small details play a crucial role.

We not translate only, but also help to understand the meaning.

Types of translations

  • Today, technical translation has become the most popular among all types of translations. Translators use scientific and technical style, special terminology, technical vocabulary. A technical translation of a language must accurately and clearly convey a definite single meaning of the terms without distorting the original text.

  • Legal translation is related to conducting business, preparing and signing contracts between business partners from different countries. The peculiarity of the legal industry gives no space for an error to the translator performing legal translation. Legal documents have their own specific style exhibiting firm speech patterns.

  • Medical translation as well as the legal one legal gives no space for a mistake as it is associated with human life and health. To translate medical literature, scientific articles, pharmaceutical instructions, references, the translator must have knowledge in medical terminology and abbreviations, understand the essence of the document.

  • A sworn translator (also called a court translator) is present as an interpreter at official events or translates official documents. Unlike the notary, who certifies only the translator's signature, the sworn translator assures full translation certification and bears full responsibility for the authenticity and correctness of the translation.

Our services


  • Translation of personal documents

  • Technical text translation

  • Translation and legalization of corporate documents (decisions, protocols, etc.)

  • Translation and localization of Internet sites

  • Apostille and legalization of documents

  • Notarization of translations


  • Simultaneous interpretation and rental of equipment for translation

  • Consecutive interpretation

  • Translation of multimedia

  • Interpretation during telephone conversations

  • Guide-interpreter services

  • Participation of a certified translator in execution of notarial acts

  • Recruitment translators staff for long-term projects and for permanent work in your company

  • Conference service (event organization)

  • Working in all region of Ukraine and abroad

  • Meeting at the airport and escort of foreign guests / delegations - a full translation service in Ukraine


What languages ​​do we work with?

We provide interpretation and translation from more than 30 foreign languages. Each of our translators is a high-class professional. We will carefully listen to any wishes of the client and execute the order at a high level.


Is it possible to make an urgent translation?

Yes of course! Our experts will do the job as soon as possible, while at a consistently high level.

Is there any guarantee of the quality of translation?

To guarantee accuracy, required discipline specialists and experts are involved in work on the text, also we coordinate the used terminology with the customer, thus creating terminology bases and glossaries. The resulting material undergoes a check by editor and proofreader. This prevents errors in the document and ensures high quality of order execution.


Are order archives maintained?

At customer’s request, we keep the translated documents in the archive. At your will we will provide a copy of the translation you are interested in.


How can I get the translation?

You can receive the translation of the text either by e-mail, in the format specified by you, or by courier service. Also, you can always pick up the transfer directly at the office of our partners.


What is the cost of translation?

The cost of the translation depends on the language and complexity of the translation. The cost of editing and proofreading is already included. Our staff will advise you on the cost and timing of the order and will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

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