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Doing business in a foreign country is always accompanied by risks. You can talk for a long time about the differences in business traditions of Eastern European countries, but the main problems are frequent changes in laws, bureaucracy and other negative signs of a developing economy.

In this situation, support of experienced lawyers is the key to making corporate and personal decisions.

Our lawyers will protect your rights and interests 24/7.

You will be protected in any situation.

Protection of personal and corporate rights

  • Consultations on legal issues and legislation of Ukraine;

  • Execution of claims, complaints and other legal documents;

  • Representation of personal and corporate interests in court - criminal, civil and commercial law;

  • Representation and protection of your rights at the executive and local authorities;

  • Legal support for your business: company registration, support of export / import contracts, real estate purchases, ect.

  • Trademark registration and other intellectual property issues

  • Notary services directly in our office

Criminal lawyers

  • Protection of your rights and interests in a criminal process

  • Full customer support in any contact with the police and other government agencies

  • Protection in criminal proceedings

  • Appeal against the decisions and actions of the investigating officer or prosecuting attorney

  • Representation of the interests of victims in road accidents and other incidents

  • Legal support of companies during inspections by state inspectorates

  • Appeal and cassation appeal of court decisions and sentences.

Representation in court

Representation in court is a complex service, which consists of legal analysis of a disputable situation, pre-trial or alternative settlement of a dispute, protection of interests in the court and support of the procedure for execution of a court decision. Having many years of experience in representing interests in various instances courts, we can confidently protect your rights and interests in disputable situations.


The Service Package includes:

• Consultation of a lawyer on a disputable situation

• Registration of the statement of claim in court

• Pre-trial (alternative) dispute resolution

• Administrative appeal against actions or omissions of state bodies or officials

• Representation in courts of general jurisdiction (general courts, economic courts, administrative courts)

• Appeals against court decisions or rulings

• Accompanying the enforcement of court decisions and enforcement procedures.

Notarial services

The main task of the notary is arranging and ensuring the legality of documents. In other words, the seal and signature of a notary gives any document the status of an official document.

You will need notarial services if:

• It is necessary to confirm the authenticity of a document - the authenticity of a copy of any documents or translation from a foreign language, to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document;

• It is required to issue a power of attorney to perform any actions or representation of interests

• It is required to issue new or terminate existing legal relations

• It is necessary to issue a contract or any other intermediary between a person and a company.

When a client is in a need of lawyer or notary services, but for whatever reason they cannot come to our office, we are ready to come to a place agreed in advance. We can visit the client at their office, home, hospital etc.

Often, this is the only opportunity to conclude a deal or contract if the person is limited in physical movement, but at the same time capable. When the client is sick or is an elderly person, the notary will help: we will visit the client at hospital or at home.


Your benefits:

Comfort: you choose the right time and place to meet. The meeting is possible on working days and weekends. 

Save your time. Finding the right notary office, traffic jams, changing work schedules, queues - these problems do not bother the client: the notary arrives exactly at the agreed time.

Notarial action on the spot. As a rule, the client has to wait until the lawyer performs the required procedures: check the information in the electronic database, fill out a form, register a journal entry. When a service is ordered on the road, the notary takes care of these issues in advance.

A meeting can be arranged at the client's office as well.

It is convenient and saves your time.

24/7 support of lawyers - guarantee of
your safety and respect for your interests

Legal Services

Doing business in a foreign country is always related to certain risks. Foreign entrepreneurs may face such obstacles as bureaucracy, unstable political situation, high interest rates, and ignorance of local laws.

In this case, the best decision is to find qualified professionals who will assist you and protect your rights 24/7. Our lawyers render various legal services for foreign companies.

Protection Of Rights

  • Consultations and assist on Ukrainian law.

  • Representation and protection of your rights before state authorities.

  • State registration of the organization, its voluntary liquidation and reorganization.

  • Consultations on any transactions related to shares and share capital.

  • Control of the organization’s management bodies.

  • Support in creating an effective organization structure.

  • Control the issue of shares.

  • Preparation of corporate document (General Meeting of the Shareholders, Meeting of Directors, etc.).

Legal Representation In Court

  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes, participation in negotiations with the other party, preparation and submission of written claims to courts;

  • Execution of statements of claim and related documentation; preparation of counterclaims and objections.

  • Participation in court proceedings.

  • Collection of documents necessary to prove a legal position.

  • Participation in negotiations with a representative of the opposite side in order to establish the possibility of concluding a settlement agreement.

  • Organization of independent expert examinations or the involvement of specialists with proficiency in the necessary spheres.

We guarantee protection of your legal rights in full. We will help to resolve any corporate dispute with the lowest legal costs.

Notary Services

Our constructive lawyers will help you with a wide range of services at a Notary Public:

  • Verification of transactions.

  • Certificates of ownership and documents.

  • Translation of legal documents and Apostille.

  • Verification of the signature on the documents.

  • Certification of facts of legal significance.

  • Certification of powers of attorney for representation in courts, government departments, other institutions and organizations.

  • Certificate of alienation agreements, pledge of a share in the authorized capital of a limited liability company, if one of the parties is a foreign legal entity.