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Taking care of your Business in Ukraine

Recruitment and HR

We create and control
effective teams

A strong team is an essential component of the success of any company.

There are several options for building a friendly and professional team: improving the professional skills of team members or redeeming “stars” and talents.

Our goal - to create a team that looks like a beautifully played orchestra, where everyone leads his own part, but at the same time carries out all the settings of the leader-conductor.

Why is it important?

  • 70% of companies suffer from high staff turnover

  • over 60% of workers admit that they do not know the expected result of their work

  • 50% of employees are interested in earning, not in the development of the company

We select ukrainian professionals for your business
How are we different:

Most recruiting companies

  • Seek to recruit staff as soon as possible

  • Candidates are selected based on their resume, standard tests and assignments

  • Select candidates for open databases from the Internet

  • Candidates are selected separately for each position


  • We select exclusively motivated and productive employees

  • Our personnel selection technology allows you to accurately determine the ability of candidates to produce the result in your company

  • Our selection technologies and search channels allow you to attract candidates who did not even think about changing jobs

  • We form effective teams, taking into account the interaction between employees

How we are working?

1. We form an application form with key competencies and personal characteristics

2. Connecting the most effective personnel search channels

3. Establishing an influx of candidates

4. Interviewing

5. Collection and processing of “feedback” from previous employers

6. Submission of candidates' resumes for consideration by the Client

7. Testing days. Program development, execution control

Testing days are a non-paid period for a candidate to work in a company. The candidate gets to know the company, and the company tests its competencies and personal qualities

8. Job-offer - an official offer to the candidate, where all work conditions are agreed

9. Consulting support of the candidate and the customer during the trial period.

Additionally, we help:

  • to form a program of activities during the test days and trial period

  • a trial remuneration system based on key indicators and metrics.

  • candidate administration system for a trial period.

You will receive objective data about  candidate’s ability to produce results already in the first week of work.

Project deadlines:

The term for the selection of one employee, taking into account the passage of all stages, until acquaintance with the customer takes an average of 2 weeks to 1 month.

When forming a team - selecting candidates for several vacancies - the terms are negotiated individually.


A candidate can not cope with their responsibilities? 
We guarantee the replacement of the candidate within 2 months from the moment the employee started the probationary period.

You get a solid team
of motivated employees