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Supply Chain Masters

  • Worldwide and regional logistics solutions
  • Export / Import contract support

Taking care of your business 

Do you want to import some goods to Ukraine or offer Ukrainian goods on the international market?

International trade has many features. On the one hand, this is due to local business traditions of another country. On the other hand, the goods must comply with international requirements for quality and safety, and the documents must comply with the rules of international trade and payments.

Sometimes light details can lead to delays in delivery or payments and significant financial losses.

This path is best overcome with experts in International trade and Logistics.

Our Logistics Experts helps your:

  • to determine the requirements and features of export / import of your goods

  • to choose favorable terms of delivery by Incoterms 2010

  • to prepare an Invoice, Certificates and other shipping documents

  • to calculate Logistics costs, TAX and duties

  • to make customs clearance easy and quick

  • to deliver goods anywhere in the world fast and reliably

We support your contract at every step -
from the analysis of the of export / import possibility
to the Supply Chain implementation
International and regional logistics

We unites into a partner logistics network Ukrainian and European carriers, warehouses, customs agencies and quality control specialists.
Therefore, we take care of your cargo during the whole transportation, ensure the comfort and reliability of the supply chain.

Today we successfully perform the following logistics tasks:

  • International and regional road transport of all types of goods

  • Multimodal container transportation (ports of Poland and Ukraine)

  • Customs clearance and certification in Poland and Ukraine

  • Foodservice - Logistics of Fresh and Frozen food

  • Agrarian logistics - land and sea transportation

  • Logistics of bulk cargo in containers, Liner Bag sale

We provide integrated Logistics service with responsibility for the final result
Quality and Quality control

Import / export of any product is accompanied by the issuance of certificates confirming the safety of the product, its quality, origin, etc.

We offer services for obtaining certificates and permits for any goods in Ukraine according to the requirements of local and international legislation:

  • veterinary, phyto-sanitary certificates, ect.

  • food products testing for pesticides, GMOs and heavy metals 

  • other research of quality and safety indicators

  • certificates of Ukrainian origin (including EUR 1 certificate)

  • HALAL and KOSHER certificates

The comprehensive service includes:

  • coordination of work of the experts, commissioned sampling

  • research of product samples in accredited laboratories

  • obtaining certificates, sending them to the Client

Customs clearance in any region of Ukraine

We carry out customs clearance of goods (export, import, transit) in all regions of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

This allows us to choose the optimal transport route and carry out customs clearance without deviating from the route.
Thus, we reduce delivery routes, reduce logistics costs and save our customers time.

We offer our customers:

  • Free advice on the terms of customs clearance in Ukraine and documentation verification

  • preliminary analysis of customs codes for goods and accompanying documents for quick customs clearance

  • customs clearance of export, import and transit of goods 

  • customs warehousing in Ukraine and Poland

Focus on your core business - 
trading or manufacturing.
Entrust logistics to professionals.

Total Logistics Solutions

If you want to import goods to Ukraine, our company will offer the best logistics management solutions and assist you on any matters related to international trade.

We provide our customers with a wide range of transport and logistics services including cargo transportation in any direction and by any type of transport. Our regional logistics manager will select the optimal route for the delivery of goods, calculate the optimal cost of logistics services and take on a full set of organizational activities.

Our logistics solutions company renders the following services:

  • Individual selection of optional transportation vehicles.

  • Analysis, optimization of tariff rates for cargo transportation.

  • Monitor of vehicles, organization of loading and unloading operations.

  • Arrangement of international cargo transportation and cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine.

  • Storage of goods in warehouses.

  • Preparation of documentation, assistance in organizing customs clearance of all types of cargo.

  • Quality control services.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is one of the most complicated procedures in export and import. Any mistake or incorrect information can lead to additional financial and time loss. Out qualified specialist will prepare the customs clearance documents to complete the procedure quickly and easily.

Our company will help you with the following matters:

  • Analysis of the necessary documents.

  • Preliminary calculation of customs fees and duties.

  • Representation of interests at the customs.

  • Preparation of economic contracts including the choice of delivery conditions according to Incoterms.

  • Provision our customers with the Goods Declaration, a customs value declaration and an adjustment of customs value, if necessary.

Our Advantages

Today, international transportation of goods becomes more popular. Our logistics services can be carried out by road, air, rail and sea transport.

What we guarantee?

  • Mobility. A wide choice of the vehicle that is most suitable for the transportation with specific parameters: dimensions, weight, expiration date, explosion hazard, etc.

  • Fast delivery and the best route based on weather, seasonal events and various risks.

  •  Low costs.

  • Cargo safety.

  • Profitable transportation tariffs.

  • Calculation of the optimal cost, consideration of various options at the request of the customer.