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Accounting and Taxes

Peace of finances is
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No matter whether you represent an international corporation or you start your activity in Ukraine as a foreign entrepreneur or you are a representative of a Ukrainian company or you conduct your business activity as a sole trader – we offer solutions in the areas of accounting, taxes, reporting and payroll to any person or entity.

We offer accounting and tax outsourcing services for businesses in any region of Ukraine:

• accounting and taxation management and reporting;

• tax planning, explanation of tax legislation and legal tax optimization in Ukraine;

• assistance in choosing a bank depending on the line of business activities;

• formulation of the accounting system in the enterprise: from the assessment of customer needs and the workflow system to the implementation of software and the new taxation management and workflow system;

• one-time or regular audit of the company's accounts. Audit report in accordance with international standards;

• support during audits carried out by taxation body and other regulatory authorities: from preparation for audit to appeal of the results of such audit;

• services on recruitment of a qualified accountant (testing, interview);

• personal accounting and taxes - advice on personal taxes, an annual tax declaration, assistance in obtaining a tax rebate.

One step support in Ukraine

Our experts will offer you individual solutions

tailored to your needs and expectations.

Service package "Accounting"

The package of services includes:

  • accounting of primary documents (invoices, acts, etc.)

  • banking operations (generation of payment orders, accounting of payments, etc.)

  • preparation of documents and balance sheet

  • coordination with regulatory authorities

  • archiving and storage of documents

Service package "Financial statements"

The package of services includes:

  • development and implementation of management reporting forms

  • transformation of accounting into financial statements

  • preparation of financial statements according to corporate rules or national standards

  • IFRS financial statements

  • reporting for budgeting purposes

Service package "Tax Accounting"

The package of services includes:

  • statement of tax accounting in your company

  • formation of tax accounting registers

  • tax calculation and tax planning

  • tax optimization advice

  • generation of payment orders for tax payments

  • control of payment deadlines

Service package "Staff and Salary"

The package of services includes:

  • staff records: registration of employment, dismissals, other

  • monthly payroll and other staff payments and deductions - alimony, loan, deposits, other

  • calculation of social taxes and insurance

  • accruals under civil law contracts


We guarantee the observance of confidentiality, the principles of objectivity and professional competence. In the event of penalties charged due to our fault we guarantee their compensation.

You always pay us for the result!


Cost of services

Prior to signing the contract, we will perform a free of charge assessment of the state of current accounting and tax accounting, we will help you in finding your bearings in the peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation. We will offer the optimal accounting model for your company and the most favorable working conditions for you. 

The cost of services depends on the package you have chosen, the monthly number of invoices and the number of company employees.

We help businesses
to be successful and competitive

Accounting And Business

Our company provides various accounting services, from standard consultations to full accounting support of business.

More and more entities delegate accounting to specialized companies. Our specialists have extensive experience in accounting and strictly adhere to all requirements of the Ukrainian legislation and regulatory documents. We provide accounting for small businesses and startups and save out clients’ time and money.

Financial Accounting

We provide the following accounting services:

  • Full accounting services for business. They include the execution of all necessary documents and reports, work with documentation during the opening and liquidation of a company, drawing up necessary acts and filling out forms.

  • Setting up accounting. Development of accounting practices for a particular company taking into account current Ukrainian legislation, industry specifics, and the applicable accounting program.

  • Professional consulting. Our experts will help you find a way out of difficult situations and will advise you on various issues.

  • Accounting policies of the organization. We’ll advise you on the types of taxes in Ukraine and help to find the optimal forms and rules for the external and internal reporting.

  • Internal and external reporting. We will help to draw up internal and external reporting and optimize the conditions for storage, filling and functioning of documentation.

  • Filing a tax return. We will issue a tax return in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Taxes In Ukraine

In Ukraine, there is a two-tier system of taxation of enterprises, organizations and individuals: the first level is national or state (mandatory payments), the second is local taxes and fees (mandatory payments). The main national taxes and fees that are established by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and levied throughout Ukraine include: Ukraine flag value added tax (VAT) (20%), tax on the profits of enterprises, tax on personal income, etc.

Local fees (required payments) include: parking fee, market fee, resort fee, fee for the right to use local symbols, etc.

In Ukraine, there are two tax systems: general and simplified (payment of certain taxes and fees replaced by a single tax). General taxation system includes income tax (18% (basic rate), 5%, or 0%) and value added tax (20% (basic rate), 7%, or 0%).