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О проекте

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С заботой о вашем бизнесе в Украине

Наша история

Several years ago, I had to open a new office of our company in Warsaw (Poland).

I had to register a company in Poland, open an office and organize its work.

In addition, I planned to live in Warsaw for some time for staff recruitment and launch of a new office.

The task seemed easy to me - in the capital of Poland there are many companies that provide services for company registration, staff recruitment, rental of apartments, etc.

Having found the contacts of these companies on the Internet and agreeing on the implementation of the work, I flew to Warsaw, hoping for fast success.

But in real life it wasn`t so smooth. So, I want to share my experience with you.

Serhii Rohanov


  • Each company does only its own site

No company has undertaken the turnkey project. Some companies had only a business registration service, others only did the translation of documents, others helped find and rent an office. I had to constantly coordinate the work of six executing companies to get a common result and move around the city, delivering documents from one executor to another.

I wasted extra time and money.

I wanted someone who understood the whole task

and could check the work of each contractor in the local language.

  • Selection of contractors

When choosing contractors, I was guided by reviews of their work on their Internet sites. In fact, not all companies performed the work efficiently. It was difficult for me to verify that immediately without knowing the local language and and local document requirements. The disadvantages were visible only during the next stage of work.

Sometimes it`s so hard to be sure of contractors competence.

I think it’s better to work with some local company, which have a team of partners in different areas,
and is responsible for the final result.

  • Ignorance of the local language greatly complicates the task

It was difficult for me to solve corporate and personal issues without knowing the local language. I was sure that it would be enough to speak English to open an account in the local Bank, obtaining a License or long term renting an apartment.
But it was a real challenge to find someone who speaks English.

Someone who speaks the local language would be useful for me.
I would spend less time and make better decisions.

  • Adaptation in a new city and country

Our life is not only business. Each country has its own features and cultural traditions. Starting life in a new city, many personal questions arise - where is it better to rent apartments, what to look for and many other questions about food, transport comunication, having a fun. Other issues arise in unforeseen situations - accident, illness, loss of documents, etc.

It’s good when you can call someone and get advice in any situation.

Your foothold in Ukraine

We are ready to support the successful start of your business in Ukraine.

We have joined in a partnership team of lawyers, translators, experts in accounting, real estate, international trading and logistics, immigration, staff recruitment in order to offer "one step support" of your staying and doing business in Ukraine.

Of course, you can order all these services separately from different companies, to coordinate the implementation of the work and control each of them personally.

But it is more comfortable to entrust coordination to a local company that guarantees the best result. This will saves your time and money for more important things.

Your benefits

  • All services at one point

You no longer need to stand in city traffic jams when traveling between different executors. We will always be glad to see you in our office in the center of Kiev, we will receive a task from you and return the final result.

  • Responsibility for deadlines and outcome

We select executors for any stage of job from our trusted partners, guarantee deadlines and quality.

  • Personal Assistant

A personal English speaking Assistant. You can contact us for any corporate and personal issues.

Our mission: Take care of your business in Ukraine,
providing all necessary services in one place

Payments: currency and method of payment

We provide a quotation (offer) in UAH, USD or Euro.

For your convenience, you can pay in a different currency, having previously agreed with us the amount and details for payment. You can choose one of four payment methods:

Get an invoice

You can pay for our services by bank transfer (+ VAT).

Please inform us the reference number and details of your company.

CreditCard payment

You can pay by transferring money to a bank card.

For details, send us an email with the reference number of your order.


We accept PayPal payment.

For details, send us an email with the reference number of your order

Cash payment

You can also pay by cash at our office or our partner’s office.

We will support a successful start
of your business in Ukraine